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Worth the Risk?

Worth the Risk?

By Foster Biggers

I'm going to ask you a simple question...

If you were a world class athlete or fan, with everything going on in Brazil, would you go to the 2016 Olympic Games?

Think about it. Then think about it again.

The Olympics only come around once every four years. And if you're an athlete looking to compete in those game, 4 years is a long waiting period. You body loses a ton of athletic ability in four years. Only one time every four years to showcase your skills in meaningful competition. But would you take the risk in Brazil this year?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me just give you the cliff notes. Keep in mind, the Olympics start in about 3ish weeks.

-Zika Virus.
- Bodies washing up on the beach, full or cut into pieces and placed in garbage bags
- Stadiums not even close to being completed
- Local law enforcement and health care workers on strike
- Bacteria and human waste in the water that the rowers and boating competitions will be taking place in.

Nothing like swimming in someone else's poop.

So can I ask the question again? Would you go to the Olympics this year in Brazil?  Or maybe I should ask better question? Why the hell do we continue to give countries like this a chance to showcase one of the world's most important events?! Brazil barely got the stadiums done for the World Cup just two years ago. And you'd think that a country with its rich soccer tradition would care about getting its stadiums and facilities done for that months in advance. Instead, they finished everything days before the World Cup started, with seats not being bolted down and walls falling off the side of stadiums and the fields looking like crap.

Sorry, rant over.

Over a dozen world class golfers, like Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy, have dropped out due to the fear of Zika. Or in their own words, "health concerns." Dozens of tennis, basketball, and other world class athletes aren't taking the chance of going to one of the world's biggest stages.

Can you blame them? Especially if you're an athlete competing outside. Track & Field. Golf. Rowing. All of those athletes spend countless hours outside. But now they are putting themselves in harms way to win the gold for their country. And again, the rowers are going to be rowing in a river where there is human poop floating right next to them.
My advice to anyone competing in an outdoor event near or in water... Don't open your mouth.

Indoor athletes in the pool or courts shouldn't be worried too much, that is until someone points a gun in your face asking for everything you have while the local law enforcement is on strike. If you aren't familiar with the crime in Brazil, just Google it up. I'm not going to take the time to explain how drug lords will chop you into little pieces, throw you into the ocean, and then your body wash up right next to the volley ball courts.... Oh wait, that actually already happened.

And look, I'm not bashing on Brazil, I'd still love to visit sometime. But with the perfect storm that is hovering over Brazil right now with everything I've mentioned, and everything I haven't mentioned, is it worth trying to win gold?

You only get a few opportunities to compete in the Olympics.... Zika is for life.

Foster Biggers is sooner born and bread, but loves the world of sports and entertainment both foreign and domestic. Not afraid to say things others might not like to hear, but has a touch of homer in him as well. Also willing and wanting to chat movies, tv, and video games.

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